Unlisted Phone Numbers

Finding somebody’s unlisted phone number is not necessarily all that difficult. Unlisted phone numbers have been known to turn up in the most surprising places. Use a bit of imagination and think of all the possible public places both online and offline where somebody is likely to have their phone number. First try simply doing a search for the person’s full name and you might happen to find their resume if the person was looking for a job. Resumes must always provide full contact information for employers. Lots of people post their resume online.

Think of the different public records where people are required to provide a phone number in their paperwork such as a bankruptcy filing at the local US Bankruptcy Court. Thousands of Americans file for bankruptcy every day.

If you know the address of the person with the unlisted phone number, see if your local public library has a reverse phone directory, or “Criss-cross” directory. Most good libraries should have one.

Some other possible sources of unlisted phone numbers:

  • DMV records
  • Voter registrations
  • Property records (county courthouse)
  • City or county tax records

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