Your private information easily found online!

Back in the old days before the internet, if somebody wanted to stalk you, he would have physically track you down the old fashioned way. Today the internet has changed all of that.

To many people including myself, the internet is one of Mankind’s greatest inventions! Afterall it has opened many exciting new opportunities that never previously existed, and it offers great convenience, but to others it’s downright dangerous. Many criminals have taken their criminal activity online.

Many people might assume simply because they don’t own a computer and aren’t on the internet, they’re information is safe and secure.

“We wanted to experiment by seeing how much personal information we could dig up on one co-worker, so for a $50 fee and the person’s name, we found a shocking amount of information!”

An unlisted phone number and address, and date of birth were easily found. You can even look up a satellite image of somebody’s home on Google Earth. Although you won’t see people, you can see details such as a rooftop solar panel, or a child’s swingset.

The first step to protect yourself is to try a Google search for your own name.

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