Why are more employers requiring security clearances?

Thanks to 9-11, and the growing phenomenon of workplace violence, employers are running criminal background checks on anybody who wants to work for them as well as existing employees, and a rapidly growing number of employers are running security clearance checks for professional high-tech jobs. The latest trend I have personally witnessed, is security clearance checks for jobs in the information technologies sector, Ie: computer programming, systems administrator, software engineer.

Whereas in a standard background check, just the individual is screened, with a security clearance, it is standard procedure to also run background checks on the individual’s spouse and sometimes other family members as well. If you’re married to an ex-con or somebody with a serious criminal record, that will usually spell doom for getting a security clearance, unless you’re well-connected with friends on the inside. These days, people who can’t get a security clearance may well end up finding themselves forced to work for Walmart or Home Depot at $8.00/hour, or else start their own business and pursue self-employment.

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