Ticketed by camera – but who was driving?

When a vehicle on the road is caught on camera, speeding or running a red light, the problem is who was driving?

In many European countries and a few US cities, automatic cameras or “photo cops” are being used to catch speeders or people who run red lights. The owner of the vehicle later receives the ticket in the mail. These systems are only designed to identity the vehicle but not the driver. The valet who parks your car, could easily go for a joyride and get a ticket in your name.

In the UK, the owner or company who owns the vehicle, will receive a notice in the mail requesting information on who the driver was, so it’s imperative for the owner to keep good records of who the drivers are. Failure to reply can result in prosecution, and repeated convictions could effect a company’s operators license.

Some people in the US have attempted to foil the system by covering their license plate with plastic wrap to create a glare but this is illegal in most states. Some enterprising online venders market a aerosol product that is sprayed on the license plate to create a similar effect.

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