Should military bases outsource security to civilians?

Surprisingly, since 9-11, some of America’s most sensitive military bases, including Ft Bragg NC, and White Sands NM continue to outsource base security to private security guard firms.

This is raising much concern regarding the calibre and quality of private guards, both in the government and private sector. The question is, when is a job to important for the US military to outsource to civilians?

Concern about this issue has really escalated since the GAO released their report, revealing that some private security contractors hired convicted felons, and many also had either missing or incomplete personel records. In one documented case, there were fraudulent records of weapons & training. In 2 military bases, a staggering 89 working private security guards had criminal records!

Supporters of outsourcing of military base security argue that private security guards can be just as professional as Army guards. In light of the Dubai ports flap and concerns about terrorism, critics doubt this is sufficient, and believe only members of the US military should provide base security. Some of the contract guards may work for American subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies.

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One Response to “Should military bases outsource security to civilians?”

  1. My son, PFC Brandon Arender, is currently attending Combat Medic School at Fort Sam Houston. After driving 9 hours to visit our son, we arrived at Fort Sam Houston in the 232nd Medical Battalion area only to be stopped and issued a speeding citation (cost $70.00) by a security guard (last name Gissom) who stated “I clocked you going downhill at 32 MPH in a 20 MPH zone”. I had not received a speeding citation since 1968; however, this security guard thought it necessary to issue a citation instead of a verbal warning. Gissom did not even know what a Purple Heart license plate represented. I honestly believe that an Army MP would have given me verbal warning; and, asked me to slow down.

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