post employment background checks

When being considered for hiring with a company, most people can expect to be subjected to a post-employment background check, but few companies run post-employment background checks on existing employees, (credit and criminal) including long-time employees who have worked for their company for a long time.

While a new employee may start work with a squeaky clean record, that does not necessarily mean he or she will remain that way permanently. A percentage of employees who commenced their employment with a clean record, go on to later commit crimes and were convicted outside the workplace without their employer’s knowledge.

A growing number of big companies are using outsourced contract employees, rather than in-house employees, so they must be especially aware of the importance of screening for those people. Outsourced employees who have unrestricted access to the company’s premises (particularly after normal work hours) can pose an even bigger security risk than in-house employees.

Post-employment checks are an effective risk management tool. Criminal records sometimes fail to show up in initial pre-employment screenings, as they are never 100% accurate, and existing workers may commit crimes years after commencing employment with a clean record. All too often, frauds have been committed by trusted long-term employees.

While pre-employment background checks minimizes the risk of bad hiring decisions, post-employment checks minimize exposure to risk over the long term.

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  1. Administrator 22/07/2006 at 5:23 pm

    Personally, it would be my guess that if you are an employee with a company working in a regular job, keeping a felony criminal case secret from your employer might be rather difficult. The question is how do you explain frequent missed work time due to jail time, and court appearances? Unless there’s no jail time beyond say a night in jail, and a really quick trial, your boss is going to wonder why you aren’t at work.

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