Do You Know Who’s Watching Your Kids?

School is one of the most important aspects in a child’s life. It teaches them the basic skills necessary to get by in the world. Reading, arithmetic, and science are play a part in the building process of a child’s brain. School is really the first chance a child has to make friends and learn how to get along with different kinds of people they will come in contact with in a world away from their parents.

As a parent, it is hard to send your child off to school for the first time. They have been by your side for so long, it may be hard to part with them because you know it is the first steps of growing up. Some of you may feel it is really easy to send your kids off to school but I deep down somewhere inside of you, you feel some kind of discomfort letting go of your child’s hand on the first day of school.

So should you worry about whose care your putting your child into? Who is watching them now that you are not around? You might have met the teacher but how much do you know about them? And what about other teachers or employees of the school that may come in contact with your child? Who are they exactly?

One question you should ask is “Does my child’s school do background checks?” Not just on teachers but cafeteria workers, custodians and maintenance men. And if they don’t, why not? If the school does not know the history of its employees, how can you stay at home and feel comfortable knowing your child is with a stranger?

As a mother, father, or guardian, married, single, or divorced, it should not matter. You are trusting someone with the care of your child, physically and mentally. If the school doesn’t run background checks, the parent should. You may not run into anyone bad with a background check and that is the best news you can have. But it is important to make sure. It’s easy to do. A few simple clicks and a couple minutes of time and the information you need to put your mind at peace is in front of you. Click here and make sure you child is in good hands.

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