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Airport Security Achilles heel

All the extreme and intrusive airport security is really nothing more than smoke & mirrors to give the flying public a false sense of security, when the one biggest security hole, baggage handlers is largely overlooked and ignored. TSA and …

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Do You Know Who’s Watching Your Kids?

School is one of the most important aspects in a child’s life. It teaches them the basic skills necessary to get by in the world. Reading, arithmetic, and science are play a part in the building process of a child’s …

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Beware of Criminal Identity Theft!

Criminal identity theft, also known as “criminal identity fraud” fortunately is rare. Once your name ends up in a criminal records database, it can be excruciatingly slow to clear your name. The criminal justice system is of little help to …

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I can’t get a security clearance!

(an actual real-life situation)

Question: I have been looking for computer programming work for over the past year, but nobody’s hiring. At first I blamed in on “the Bush recession,” age discrimination, and outsourcing to India, but now I think …

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Bushwhacked Army

Never since Vietnam, our US Army is staining to the breaking point to keep up with unsustainable demands. Gen. Colin Powell once declared the Army is “about broken.”

The Army is relaxing it’s admissions standards, allowing new recruits previously unfit …

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private security guards

Private security guards poor pay and lack of training and background checks poses security risk. Private security guards who are guarding many critical high-security sites throughout the US are paid little more than minimum wage and have little or no …

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post employment background checks

When being considered for hiring with a company, most people can expect to be subjected to a post-employment background check, but few companies run post-employment background checks on existing employees, (credit and criminal) including long-time employees who have worked for …

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Should military bases outsource security to civilians?

Surprisingly, since 9-11, some of America’s most sensitive military bases, including Ft Bragg NC, and White Sands NM continue to outsource base security to private security guard firms.

This is raising much concern regarding the calibre and quality of private …

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Your private information easily found online!

Back in the old days before the internet, if somebody wanted to stalk you, he would have physically track you down the old fashioned way. Today the internet has changed all of that.

To many people including myself, the internet …

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US Army recruiting ex-cons

Facing a serious recruiting shortage due to the ongoing War in Iraq, the US Army is recruiting convicted criminals.Read more