LAPD may ban cops from private eye work

Most police departments do not allow their officers to work as private investigators while off duty, due to possible conflicts of interest with their police duties. The LAPD has permitted this practice but in light of the Pellicano indictment, LAPD officials would like to put an end to that.

Ex LAPD detective Mark Arneson who was moonlighting as a private investigator, was indicted for illegally digging up dirt on people from police databases to sell to celibrity private eye Anthony Pellicano.

The reason why P.I. work is so attractive to cops is because they already have the training and skills to do this kind of work, and P.I. work can be very lucrative, especially in LA and considering the fact that police salaries are historically some of the lowest in public sector employment. In some cases it can exceed a cop’s normal police salary. Arneson earned $189.000.00 from his sideline work for Pellicano.

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