Do you really need Detective software?

If you have ever done a web search for something related to people searches, looking up criminal records, investigating a suspicious neighbor, etc.. you have probably seen some ads for detective programs such as ‘Net-Detective’ ‘Web-Detective’ ‘Online Detective’ etc… and probably lines like: “Find out the TRUTH about ANYONE!”

When it comes to the question of purchasing spy software, the most commonly asked question by people is “why do I need this when all this information is available for free?”

While it may be true much of the information is free, in the sense that it comes from public records databases, it really comes down to a question of how valuable is your time?

The whole concept behind detective software is instant accessibility to the information whereas you might otherwise spend days or weeks manually searching for it on your own, or you may not find it at all. Think of it as like driving across the US from Tampa Florida to Seattle in your car (manual searches) vs flying there in an airplane (detective software). Both methods of travel get you there but while one method it is excruciatingly slow and exhausting, flying gets you there a whole lot faster!

While some detective programs are merely a compilation of links to free search resources Ie: Bigfoot, etc., A very few others, particularly Net Detective have their own database which is compiled and updated frequently from literally millions of different sources, and this is accessed from their own “Search Wizard.” This is far more powerful, and offers a nice easy to use interface.

Detective software programs also offer helpful tips and information about how to do your own detective work.

Check out our review of some of the most popular detective programs.

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2 Responses to “Do you really need Detective software?”

  1. I sent for the Net Detective DVD. And there is nothing on there that is free. You have to send away for everything & pay a heck of a price for it. I found it useless.

  2. Administrator 22/03/2007 at 3:55 pm

    There are other much better investigation programs available on the web today. You may want to take a look at I personally found some surprising information about some people there, I couldn’t find with Net Detective.


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