Anthony Pellicano

Los Angeles – We have all seen in the movies and TV shows how the Hollywood community has raised the private detective to legendary status — the classic image of the gumshoe pushing the envelope and breaking the law to spy on cheating spouses or crooked business partners. Ie: breaking into homes, or offices under cover of dark, stealing crime scene evidence, etc.. In reality, private detective work is not all about illegal wiretaps and car chases.

The truth is, with extremely few exceptions, the vast majority of private detectives in Los Angeles or anywhere else, operate well within the law and their work is rather dull and mundane. PIs typically spend much of their time in front of a computer or looking over documents. There is however one famous private eye of dubious distinction.

Federal prosecuters accused Anthony Pellicano of illegal wiretapping, blackmail and threats to assist attorneys in high-profile cases.

A common complaint amongst private investigators is how cases such as this further perpetuates the myth that LA private I’s will do almost anything for a price. To most, it’s simply not worth the risk of getting locked up in the slammer. Some private detectives consider Pellicano a rogue.

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