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Private Detective License not easy as you would like to think

Thinking about getting your private investigator’s license? Be warned, It’s not as easy as many people claim. Be prepared to do a lot of hard work.

In one state in particular, Pennsylvania, getting one is not possible, unless you previously …

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Do you really need Detective software?

If you have ever done a web search for something related to people searches, looking up criminal records, investigating a suspicious neighbor, etc.. you have probably seen some ads for detective programs such as ‘Net-Detective’ ‘Web-Detective’ ‘Online Detective’ etc… and …

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LAPD may ban cops from private eye work

Most police departments do not allow their officers to work as private investigators while off duty, due to possible conflicts of interest with their police duties. The LAPD has permitted this practice but in light of the Pellicano indictment, LAPD …

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Anthony Pellicano

Los Angeles – We have all seen in the movies and TV shows how the Hollywood community has raised the private detective to legendary status — the classic image of the gumshoe pushing the envelope and breaking the law to …

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