Police digging up phone records

Are the cops digging up your private phone records? It may not be just the NSA under the Patriot Act who’s digging up phone records, but local police as well. People are starting to ask questions if law enforcement might be skirting privacy laws to dig up phone records from data brokers who operate in a shady manner.

Some of these companies use insiders within the phone companies to get ahold of the data. Many use an illegal technique called “pretexting” where they call the phone company, inpersonating a subscriber to fool the service rep into turning over the phone records. Pretexting is certainly nothing new, but online brokers are.

Cell phone records are commonly used by private investigators to spy on a cheating spouse or by creditors attempting to collect unpaid debts. The evidence is not admissible in court, however it can be useful in investigations and tracking down suspects.

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