Cell phone records for sale!

Most people would assume their cell phone records are private, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are online firms such as Locatecell who are in the business of selling people’s private cell phone records for a price – usually about US$100.00. In today’s world, this invasion of privacy can be dangerous.

Cell phone providers and legislators have pledged a crack down, but it’s apparently not working.

“Cell phone companies are clearly not doing enough to protect personal information.”

In criminal court cases, prosecutors normally have to get a subpoena to obtain a suspect’s cell phone records.

The State of Missouri in fact put in a restraining order to stop Locatecell from doing business in their state. Cingular wireless has sued data collection firms such as Locatecell to cease & desist.

“Here is my sister’s number that is unlisted….The records of who calls me and who I call should be mine. With all do respect, you shouldn’t have your hands on them!”

There are a few things you can do as a consumer to protect your privacy.

Insist your cell phone provider gives you an added layer of password protection. Surprisingly, few cell phone customers are aware this option is available. When choosing a password, pick one that’s impossible to guess, instead of your pet’s name, birthdate, etc..

Industry spokesmen warn that some people are fraudulently posing as wireless company employees in order to obtain private & confidential information from customers.

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One Response to “Cell phone records for sale!”

  1. I agree it is dangerous to have this available to others not associated with the cell phone account.

    On ther other hand, I have posted my cell phone records on my website that is focused on exposing Kauai police corruption. These records detail the calls made to Kauai Polcie Dispatch. The watch Sergeant on duty that evening wrote in his report to have me call them when I get in. WRONG!!! I had been calling, I called 5 times to be exact!

    Now they are under the preassures that they had targetted me with. THy arrested me fallsely three times in 6 months. I have otehr proof of police corruption posted on my website that discredits their investigation, the firt arrest, the second arrest and the police officers TRO against me.

    In this High Tech world with all the tools necessary to police the police, these ignorant cops play a game against me and get caught red handed.

    Civil Rights Violations? Of course. Many, many violations, and they get caught doing it.

    Will they be reprimanded? One can only asume that this has been going on for decades, what makes one think that because proof is posted on kpinkerton.com, that this will be any different from ocverups in the past.

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