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privacy and public records

Perhaps you’ve had a brush with the law as a juvenile, a youthful indescretion – you exercised poor judgment and maybe did a little time in the slammer for it. After having been an upstanding law-abiding citizen who doesn’t even …

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Government turns to data mining

Data mining for the Federal Government is booming business. Federal Agencies are hiring private data mining companies in ever increasing numbers. Yes Virginia! Even the Fed hires Private-I firms.

They are buying data from the private sector which would normally …

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Police digging up phone records

Are the cops digging up your private phone records? It may not be just the NSA under the Patriot Act who’s digging up phone records, but local police as well. People are starting to ask questions if law enforcement might …

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Phone records for sale!

Did you know your cell phone and land line phone records are public – for sale? Your unlisted phone number is not fool-proof for preventing unwanted phone calls, from telemarketers to old flames! If there is somebody out there who’s …

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Cell phone records for sale!

Most people would assume their cell phone records are private, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are online firms such as Locatecell who are in the business of selling people’s private cell phone records for a price …

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