Private investigators – dating online

Sometimes a private investigator is not a bad idea when getting involved with online dating, especially for those who plan on getting married.

People are increasingly hiring private investigators to run a background check on a date where inconsistencies in their stories raise red flags of suspecion. Not unlike the growing trend of lieing on resumes, some people are also stretching the truth about themselves in their online dating profiles.

“I tell them I can’t, by federal law, delve into a person’s financial or medical records. The best I can do is tell you where they lived for the past seven years and their criminal background,” said one private investigator.

Most of the time criminal background checks are no guarantee somebody may not have a criminal record in another state. A registered sex offender in California, won’t be registered in Texas.

Some private detectives recommend people rely on their own intuition, and pay attention to “red flags.” Some are more obvious than others.

The internet is not really the best place to meet someone. It’s no substitute for meeting somebody in person. Many people see it as a much better alternative to the bar scene. The internet is really more of a locater more than anything. What’s really important is what happens after you meet in person.

“Intuition is not necessarily hair raising on the back of your neck; it’s just something that makes you uncomfortable. Anything you have to explain away – pay attention.”

It’s impossible to completely eliminate all risks associated with online dating.

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