Dating sites cracking down on convicts

Sonoma County, CA: A woman visiting a dating site recognizes a man there whom she remembered from a different dating site a year earlier. She had earlier complained to that service that the man was lying about his criminal past. He not only had his medical license revoked and was also a registered sex offender.

“Before I went out with anyone, I always checked their backgrounds first.”

The man, Robert Wells is being sued by $200,000.00, for representing himself. California and several other states are considering laws to require online dating sites to run criminal background checks or else warn their members that they do not screen members.

Herb Vest,’s CEO: “I make a promise to my members…If you are clever enough to get around our site securities, I’m going to prosecute.”

Some dating sites such as eharmony, Yahoo, and have a contract asking members to state they aren’t convicts. They also provide a warning to their members to date at their own risk. Few dating services run background checks, leaving their members guessing. monitors communications to make sure members don’t post offensive photos or messages, instead of background checks. Kathleen Roldan: “Background checks are not infallible. It just gives people a false sense of security.”

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