Classmates: Beware of false or deceptive advertising

Beware of classmate finder sites using misleading or deceptive advertising, claiming “Free” trial memberships. Ie: Upon creating your free account and answering a few questions such as name at time of graduation and year, you are later provided with a link to page where you see familar names of old classmates, sometimes including teachers listed with a link to send them an email. After composing in your message, and clicking Send, instead of the message being sent, you are taken to page where you are asked for your credit card information. Some people, excited about making contact with long lost friends, without thinking, pull out their credit cards and give them what they want. Many people have found themselves being fraudently billed and ripped off.

When doing business with any company, it’s important to make sure they provide reliable contact information. A common problem I have encountered are emails that don’t work, usually return “undeliverable” or “host unknown” errors, even where it became necessary to find a contact email via WHOIS search. Surprisingly, this is a common problem with many business sites.

Many complaints from people claim they could not find where to delete their accounts from the database, and there seems to be no means to contact the company.

Your best bet is to first try free services such as Yahoo people search then after exhausting that, seek out an honest people search tool.

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