Cheating spouses big business for PI's

Cheating spouses are becoming the fastest growing source of business for private investigators nationwide. Both husbands and wives are going through greater trouble to catch their spouses in the act of cheating.

Infidelity is responsible for more than 50% of case loads for many of the top private investigators. Spying on a spouse is certainly extreme, but trust is usually the first thing to go in a troubled marriage.

Attempting your own spying on your spouse like you see in the movies is risky. Professionals are properly trained on all the trespassing and privacy laws. Besides that, they are trained and well versed in the art of stealth, to avoid detection, and the suspect will never recogize a total stranger.

The private investigator studies patterns, following somebody to see if the person really is meeting with a work client, or a woman. One investigator plants a small GPS unit on the suspect’s car. This is legal since the wife often has joint ownership of the vehicle.

The number of married couples who are separating and getting a divorce are hiring private investigators to spy on each other has also seen rapid growth.

One of the reasons for this growing phenomenon is the fact that married couples have greater accumulated assets and wealth. Many want to find out if their spouse is hiding assets. People today have more assets, so they want to better protect them, or try to avoid losing them.

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