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Finding unclaimed money

Unclaimed money to most people might be some forgotten cash in the pocket of a jacket you bought at a thrift shop, or perhaps a wad of $20 bills you might have found in the parking lot of a biker …

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Classmates: Beware of false or deceptive advertising

Beware of classmate finder sites using misleading or deceptive advertising, claiming “Free” trial memberships. Ie: Upon creating your free account and answering a few questions such as name at time of graduation and year, you are later provided with …

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Cheating spouses big business for PI's

Cheating spouses are becoming the fastest growing source of business for private investigators nationwide. Both husbands and wives are going through greater trouble to catch their spouses in the act of cheating.

Infidelity is responsible for more than 50% of …

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Public records

In reality, the concept of “public” records or information being “public,” that is available to anyone off the street is not completely true. “Public records” and “public information” is easily available to big data firms, but not always accessible to …

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Private investigators – dating online

Sometimes a private investigator is not a bad idea when getting involved with online dating.Read more

Dating sites cracking down on convicts

Sonoma County, CA: A woman visiting a dating site recognizes a man there whom she remembered from a different dating site a year earlier. She had earlier complained to that service that the man was lying about his criminal past. …

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Beware! Don't lie on your Resume

India is now getting smarter uncovering resume fraud. Employers are turning in greater numbers to professionals to do background checks on applicants. In 2000, mostly US financial services were interested in background screening, but now background screening has expanded to …

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Resume Fraud

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Hurricane Evacuees – Criminal Background Checks Required

Caddo Parish officials have laid down the law on Katrina evacuees who are moving into FEMA trailers. Mobile home parks must run background checks on each person before they are allowed to move in. Sheriff Steve Prator insists this is …

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States must run background checks to avoid hiring felons

While the taxpayers would expect their state government to make sure they aren’t hiring convicted felons, this is not always the way it works.

In Kentucky and many other states, a job seeker applying for state government jobs can simply …

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