Snooping Mom nets sex offender

West Bend, Wisconsin: A nosy mother helped police solve a sex case. Noticing suspecious notes and emails in her 13 year old son’s bedroom, she right away discovers a disturbing message from a “Badgervirgo,” so she goes to work on her own snooping online to track down the person’s identity. Her detective work helped crack the case that led police to Curtis J. Schmidt, 67, of West Bend, WS.

One of the messages contained a phone number which she successfully tracked down to Schmidt using a reverse phone directory.

Special Agent Eric Szatkowski: “She did what a lot of parents do, and that is monitor what their children are doing on the Internet and discovered that a sexual predator had approached her son online. She was very pivotal in the success of the investigation.”

Curtis J. Schmidt, 67 was charged with 20 counts of possession of child pornography, solicitation of sex online with a minor, and distribution of a video of a child engaging in sexual activity.

Agents searched his home at Schmidt Funeral Home, 629 Cedar St. West Bend. Dec 22, and seized computer equipment.

Documents reveal he was earlier investigated in 2003 for sexual assaults of boys and computer child pornography, however evidence was destroyed when family junked his computer.

“Being a nosy mother, I figured out a way to get into his (America Online) account,” she said.

“I discovered two messages from Badgervirgo. The first one was a friendship message. The second one was not pretty at all.” The 2nd message was the alleged solicitation for sex. “After I read that message, I was so angry.”

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