Mistaken Identity

Cincinnati – It’s bad enough when somebody steals your credit, but how about when somebody steals somebody’s identity to turn them into a criminal?

“I’m losing everything I’ve ever worked for in my life.” Says Otis Thomas who was once again fired from another job because he failed an employee criminal background check.

“I’m sorry but I have to let you go because of your criminal background check.” “What criminal background check?”

A drug (cocaine) trafficking conviction, resisting arrest, and prison time shows up in his record.

The real criminal, Benjamin Cortez Wilson used Thomas’s name when he was arrested on more than one occasion. When he went to court to get it straightened out, he found out he was also subpoenaed for a paternity suit by a woman whom he never met.

“I’ve never seen this guy before in my life, ever.” “It angers me so many words it’s I’m astounded flabbergasted just way out what’s going on to me.”

After a local Fox station’s investigation, the Clerk of the Courts admitted there is indeed a problem and vowed to get it corrected.

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