Juvenile sex offenders not being tracked

Kids who sexually abuse other kids often get little or no attention and go unreported.

Many parents worry about adult sexual predators in their neighborhood, but never give it much thought that other kids might be sexual predators. One mother was completely unaware the 16-yr old babysitter she trusted, was sexually abusing her 3-year old daughter while her 5-year old son was watching. The babysitter was treating it like a game. Most people don’t realize how big this problem is. This goes on more often than people realize. Easily a third of child victims were victimized by an older child. 11-year olds have been known to commit rape.

If a juvenile is in the juvenile court system, their records are sealed, so schools have no access to them. However there is one caveot. A person under 18 can be tried as an adult for rape and sexual battery, and if found guilty, they are required to register as sex offenders in most states.

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