Florida: Corrupt Prison officials resign

Florida’s Dept of Corrections, the 3rd largest in the US, has been rife with corruption and scandal, undetected for many years. Prison Chief James V Crosby, openly confessed to receiving bribes from a contractor for 2 years. Also charged is Allen Clark.

An investigation revealed widespread criminal activity amongst prison employees and eventually forced Florida Dept. of Corrections Secretary James Crosby to resign. Gov. Jeb Bush had no choice but to ask him to resign. He later plead guilty in Federal Court to taking kickbacks from a subcontractor, plus 7 fellow prison employees were charged in Florida State Court, of various thefts and accepting bribes.

Both agreed to plea guilty to the single charge of accepting kickbacks in exchange for lenient sentencing. Criminal charges could have carried 10 years in Club Fed.

At the time, the Florida Dept of Corrections was plagued with scandals, including drug abuse by prison guards, sexual assault, and bribery. The FDLE accused Crosby of attempting to shut down an investigation of criminal activity in the FDOC.

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