Expunging Past Crimes a Growing Trend

Given today’s tough job market, it should come as no surprise that more & more job applicants want to have their criminal records sealed or expunged.

Finding work is already challenging enough for those with clean records as it is. Employers are playing hardball — digging deeper & deeper into people’s pasts where previously overlooked. Even after the courts purged or expunged arrest information, and criminal records, and offender’s pasts can still haunt him. Records can still show up in newspaper archives, or the databases of data mining companies.

Getting criminal records expunged or sealed doesn’t come cheap and not everybody is eligible. Besides that, in the digital age, this is not a cure-all. Even if arrest records and criminal information are purged by the Clerk of the Court, or law enforcement agency, offenders’ pasts can still haunt them. Background information may still exist in many different sources. This raises the question, is it really possible to erase your digital criminal past? Unfortunately, this is the result of a growing information broker industry. Most of these private firms are unregulated, except for credit checks. A few have opted for a new identity, complete with name change, and moving across country to a new community.

Unfortunately, private data companies have no legal obligation to remove criminal records from their database, so they can often provide more complete information to employers, hence many simply turn to private database firms to dig up the information.

Your employer is going to run a background check on you. Find out what your employer is going to see about you, whether the records contain falsehoods or errors, and whether you can or should have them expunged or sealed…

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