Early release prisoner kills

Portland OR: A man with an unknown violent past was released or “matrixed” out of jail due to overcrowding, only to be re-arrested for murder 2 days later.

Richard Paul Koehrsen, 45 was hauled in and booked at the Multnomah County Jail on a trespassing charge and public intoxication, and was released the next day, along with 14 other inmates. Sheriff’s deputies were unaware of his full criminal history. When somebody is arrested and brought in on a nonviolent misdemeanor, it’s standard procedure under department policy to expedite the interrogation and not run a full nationwide criminal history background check. Officers and investigators are asked not to check for an inmate’s full criminal history in arrests for minor crimes. Deputies were completely unaware of Koehrsen’s 2 decades worth of assault, sex abuse and alcohol-fueled violence from other states.

Freda-Cowie: “We do maybe 15,000 of these a year…We have done this for many years. Cases like this one are very infrequent.”

In So-called “matrix” releases, an inmate is released from a full jail when a new inmate who’s considered more violent moves in. It’s based in a kind of scoring system with each inmate assigned up to a maximum score of 100 points.

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