criminal kin DNA used to track down criminals

Cops could soon use DNA analysis of criminal’s relatives, known as “kinship analysis” to track down criminals, which is raising many ethical and privacy issues.

It’s a fact that about 46% of prisoners and jail inmates have kin who’s also behind bars somewhere. Researchers at Harvard Medical School predict that expanding DNA searches to criminal’s close relatives could increase arrests by 14%.

This crime-fighting strategy, which is growing in popularity in the UK takes into consideration that relatives of criminals are also much more likely than others to commit crimes themselves, and the perpetrator may infact be a relative of the suspect originally sought by police. It has been argued for decades there may be a “criminal gene.”

This whole new concept of kinship DNA analysis has undoubtedly raised many eyebrows in the privacy rights activist community, as well as many ethical delemmas. It has been argued this will lead to investigation of the innocent.

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