Crime pays for Chicago Politicians

Who says “crime doesn’t pay?” Well, it certainly does for the Chicago politicians. In the most corrupt city in America, it seems, becoming an ex-convict is a foot-in-the-door for a career in broadcasting or politics. This is a tradition in Chicago politics. This is a no-brainer, given this city’s long history of corruption.

For example, in 1996, Congressman & Chairman of House Ways & Means Committee, Dan Rostenkowski served 17 months in prison for mail fraud. He even plead guilty! 2 years later, he’s hired by Fox Affiliate WFLD as a political commentator.

2008, City Clerk, James Laski is convicted of corruption, and does a year in the slammer. Shortly after getting out, he’s in business with a brand new radio show on WGN, Chicago.

“I sat down with the Daleys and the Blagojeviches and the Madigans…I’ve been there and done the good and bad. Here’s the thing: It’s time to move forward.”

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