Identity theft victim stuck with criminal record

New York: Raymond Lorenzo couldn’t figure out for a long time why employers kept declining him for jobs, even after he got a college degree. “I’m everywhere and I’ve applied to everything.”

Later on, he made a shocking discovery. When the college gave him a copy of his criminal background check, he had some serious mistakes on his record, a couple felonies, when he knows he has a clean record, Burglary, criminal mischief and illegal weapons possession. Somebody also used his stolen identity to rack up $ thousands in fraudulent credit card debt.

It was revealed in investigation that his ex-wife’s boyfriend Peter Perro, was the imposter, and committed those crimes in his name. It’s pretty much standard procedure for criminals to use many aliases, so he used “Raymond Lorenzo.”

Within New York’s Criminal Records Management system, the error sealed his fate for a future of misery. Even after the victim successfully filed an impersonation report and the imposter was convicted on the charges, trouble related to credit and driving records continues to haunt him. Up & down the East Coast to Florida, employers, lenders, banks, landlords and schools continue to pull up criminal records on him despite efforts to clear his name. He has even had to file for bankruptcy on $30,000.00 worth of debt he never incurred.

Here in America we don’t have corporal punishment, however in Saudi Arabia, the penalty for such a crime would undoubtedly include a public flogging.

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