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Crime pays for Chicago Politicians

Who says “crime doesn’t pay?” Well, it certainly does for the Chicago politicians. In the most corrupt city in America, it seems, becoming an ex-convict is a foot-in-the-door for a career in broadcasting or politics. This is a tradition in …

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Expunging Past Crimes a Growing Trend

Given today’s tough job market, it should come as no surprise that more & more job applicants want to have their criminal records sealed or expunged.

Finding work is already challenging enough for those with clean records as it is. …

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Juvenile sex offenders not being tracked

Kids who sexually abuse other kids often get little or no attention and go unreported.

Many parents worry about adult sexual predators in their neighborhood, but never give it much thought that other kids might be sexual predators. One mother …

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Expunged criminal records continue to live on

Computerized records are making criminal records expungment more difficult to accomplish. Criminal records that used to be kept on paper file, have gone digital, and reports show are being sold to the private sector.

An important ethical question often asked …

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Daytona Beach PD background check victims

In Daytona Beach, Florida, the victims of crime will now undergo criminal background checks by the Daytona Police Dept.

The reason cited by the DBPD, is to help detectives to better track down any possible associations between the suspect …

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Florida: Corrupt Prison officials resign

Florida’s Dept of Corrections, the 3rd largest in the US, has been rife with corruption and scandal, undetected for many years. Prison Chief James V Crosby, openly confessed to receiving bribes from a contractor for 2 years. Also charged is …

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Criminal record branded for life

In the US, a serious criminal record can tarnish a person’s name for life, and cut one out of many opportunities and rights for life that law abiding people enjoy everyday.

The jail / prison time, probation, fines, and other …

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Sex offenders working for VA

The Dept of Veterans Affairs came under fire from Congress once again, this time regarding the employment of convicted sex offenders who work with kids! As if the recent theft of personal data of 26 million veterans wasn’t bad enough.…

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criminal kin DNA used to track down criminals

Cops could soon use DNA analysis of criminal’s relatives, known as “kinship analysis” to track down criminals, which is raising many ethical and privacy issues.

It’s a fact that about 46% of prisoners and jail inmates have kin who’s also …

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Sealing criminal records

What if somebody as a minor was convicted of a misdemeanor in Florida, but has remained clean since, is an honors student and wants to go to medical school? How hard is it to have his criminal record expunged or …

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