Who's checking the background checkers?

Employers are running background checks in record numbers, but what about when the company makes a serious mistake? Who’s checking up on the background check agencies they hire?

In today’s post 9-11 security-obsessed World, a mistake or inaccuracy can easily cost an otherwise qualified person a job.

The employers are hiring private investigation firms to run the background checks, but the question is who’s running checks on them?

Deanna Robbins of Cincinatti Ohio is a good example of what can happen.

“The company, they hired, did the background check, but the info they came up with was not me!”

“I lost my job.” “They said I lied on my application and had a felony, which I do not.”

Her employer ran a required background check. Selection.com ran the background check.

“We do hear on a daily basis that that’s not me.”

It turned out the background search turned up Deanna’s former name, “Wyatt” with a record of arrest and conviction for attempted aggravated possession of illegal drugs which is a felony.

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