What is a criminal background check all about?

There are many different types of criminal record background checks that contain many different types of information, including arrests.

The specific information seeked in a criminal background check often depends entirely on what is of greatest concern and importance to the employer or organization.

A school, childcare facility or nudist resort will absolutely want to make sure they aren’t hiring or admitting sex offenders, especially child molesters. A hospital or nursing facility is especially concerned about violent criminals or drug users. A convicted felon in Florida who wants to join a nudist resort but the felony conviction of threatening to hoax a weapon of mass destruction – but nothing sex-related then there likely won’t be a problem there. Generally a defense contractor or the Federal Government won’t hire somebody with a felony record no matter what the nature of the conviction is. A growing number of landlords are running criminal background checks on new clients, in addition to the traditional credit checks.

Online fraud and sex crimes are the fastest growing crimes with the growth of the internet. There are many criminal records databases in the US, making it much easier for people to lookup up backgrounds.

Many people have found Net Detective to be invaluable in achieving this goal while avoiding the big expense of hiring the services of a private detective agency.

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