Exonerated's records not expunged

In the US, over 200 wrongfully convicted people were exonerated, after their convictions were overturned, including a few who were on Death row, yet criminal records continue to show up on their records. Many find it next to impossible to get hired, as criminal convictions surface during routine employee background checks.

You would think if somebody is found innocent, their records ought to reflect this, but unfortunately this is not how the system works. Most states do not automatically expunge somebody’s criminal records when exonerated. Criminal records expungement is usually an expensive process that requires the high-priced services of an attorney, and it’s usually always up to the accused to pay for it.

A criminal record is in essence, another form of punishment that extends well beyond the end of a criminal sentence. The system is badly in need of reform.

Expungement: A criminal record should not permanently tarnish the record of an innocent person. All records must be sealed.

Fair Compensation: To date, only about 17 jurisdictions provide financial compensation, to those who did time in prison, but this usually so inadequate it’s ridiculous. Although no amount of money can make up for years falsely spent in prison, it should be plenty sufficient to offer the person a new life.

Most states do not provide any kind of social services for somebody who was exonerated, while they do for parolees. Ironically, there’s more help available for somebody who’s guilty!

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