Employment background checks unreliable

A rapidly growing number of employers are doing them but standards are still lacking. Jessica Smith 19 was confident she would have no trouble getting a retail sales job she applied for, but after management ran a background check, she finds out much to her shock she failed the background check.

A rapsheet full of various felony convictions, including drug related convictions in another state where she’s never been.

She had to fight the system for 6 weeks to get her name cleared and finally got the job. She is unfortunately one of many examples of innocent people who get burned in background check errors.

Background checks are becoming more important, since the incidence of negligent hiring lawsuits is up. The problem is there is no reliable standard for what should constitute a background check, so people who otherwise have a clean record, are being disqualified for jobs due to errors. This industry has produced a very low quality product.

A person may have a clean record in one state but may have serious criminal records in another state or county that don’t show up in a background check. There are 3,142 counties in the U.S.

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