Don't lie on your resume!

Almost 50% of job seekers are lieing on their resumes. Something which is unwise today considering the likelyhood of getting caught.

Lots of people are saying “Everybody’s doing it” but something you put on your résumé could haunt you years later.

RadioShack CEO David Edmondson got fired because he lied on his resume (about some college degrees he never received) a decade ago! Actually, he didn’t do anything different from what many people do every day.

Job seekers in all levels of employment all the way up to the executive level are lieing in order to land jobs.

Fierce competition for jobs in a tight professional employment market is largely blamed for this behavior. There is also a commonly mistaken notion that lies cause no harm.

Employers are cracking down and doing more résumé checking than ever before. Increasingly, they are scrutinizing criminal records, credit reports, and even driving records. Even Wal-Mart & Home Depot check criminal records of those applying for $8.00/hr retail sales jobs, and they will not hire convicted felons.

“There’s a much greater rigor and sensitivity about background checks,” said Bill Olson, the CEO of MRINetwork.

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