Flawed criminal backgrounds system lets criminals buy guns

In America, convicted criminals are not supposed to be able to buy guns, but many fall through the cracks during the required criminal background checks and are ok’d to buy a gun. According to a report by the US Dept of Justice titled “Broken Records” this is a real problem. 22 states received failing grades for maintaining inadequate criminal, domestic violence, and mental records. Interestingly, North Carolina got the highest mark – a B+, while Indiana got the worst grade.

Each state is responsible for compiling their own records of felonies, domestic violence, and mental illnesses, but even today in the 21st Century, many have failed to computerize many records.

Almost 10,000 disqualified gun buyers were able to buy a gun because of flawed background checks. This is a conservative estimate because it does not account for thousands of other gun buyers who have serious mental illnesses or domestic violence records, since many of these records are nonexistent in many states.

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