criminal records expungement requests on the rise

Since 9-11, background checks have become commonplace. Unfortunately, this phenomenom is costing many good people decent jobs, because of past mistakes they may have made in life. Demand for criminal records expungements are at unprecidented highs.

A person who made a few past mistakes, including misdemeanors might have great difficulty landing a job other than menial low paying jobs such as mopping floors or driving a taxi. Even WalMart and Home Depot check criminal records and will not hire somebody with a felony record.

Hennepin County Court, MN has actually designated every Thursday is “Expungement Day.”

The whole 9-11 thing has caused a lot of problems and grief for people. It’s another part of the “ripple effect” from 9-11. People are coming to the courts with stories about not being able to get housing or jobs. Although another factor in the recent boom in employee background checks is the growing problem of workplace violence, 9-11 seems to be the biggest factor.

Certainly not everybody can get their records expunged, such more serious crimes such as sex offenders and most violent crimes. It’s not automatic and doesn’t happen over night. It usually takes at least 60 days. In some states such as Florida, expungement is limited to only once in a person’s lifetime, you only get one shot at it. If you’re thinking about getting a misdemeanor expunged, don’t. Save it just in case you may one day have a Felony record you might end up with. “Expunged” doesn’t always necessarily mean “erased.” Some police departments may continue to keep their own records on file. When records are “sealed” that only means it’s not available to for example employers, etc.. but it however usually remains open to law enforcement.

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