background investigations

“Background investigation” is a very broad term. There many different levels or tiers of background investigation. Most lay-people think of it as finding out if somebody has a criminal record. This is the easiest part of investigation, and there are a number of effective inexpensive do-it-yourself detective tools available on the market for this purpose.

We have reviewed some of the most popular detective tools here>>

Depending on the client’s needs, some may have a need to know details about a person’s lifestyle, which requires spying and Surveillance on the subject. Say for example, for a highly sensitive job requiring a security clearance, an employer may want to know if the person smokes, hangs out in bars, belongs to a motorcycle gang, or who the person hangs out with.

This is always the most expensive part of any investigation, often costing into the thousands of dollars. This should ONLY be performed by licensed professionals!

One must understand that a background investigation and a background check are two totally different things. A background check can be done without ever having to leave home or office. Information that’s on record in a database somewhere about the person is collected, such as past addresses, criminal records, credit reports, etc.. A “background investigation” goes far beyond this and involves going out in the street and talking to people, interviewing previous employers, clients, sometimes even neighbors, sometimes spying on the subject to learn about his or her lifestyle.

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