Everything you need to know about background checks

Not all criminal background checks are created equal. Some might believe simply looking up somebody’s arrest reports at the Sheriff’s Dept accomplishes a “background check.” In reality, this accomplishes little if nothing. What about arrests made by other counties, jurisdictions, or even other states?

The Clerk of the Courts has a much better record of arrests and criminal convictions within your county, but the problem is in Florida, there are 67 counties to check in order to cover the entire state of Florida, and 49 other states in addition to that to cover the entire US. Not very practical or feasible.

There are much better alternatives.

You can contact the individual state, for example, for Florida the FDLE www.fdle.state.us, or 850-420-8109 however this service is not free. There is a $23.00 fee per individual background check.

Better yet, there are some powerful investigative tools available for a small fee, that can eliminate all this hassle and provide unlimited access to comprehensive criminal records databases throughout the entire US.

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