DMV Records

Driving records, also known as DMV or Motor vehicle records provide detailed information about a person’s traffic violations, DUIs, license suspensions, etc..

Driving records or DMV records are increasingly an important resource to employers as many employers feel they reveal much about a person’s character thereby helping them avert potential disaster and possibly big negligent hiring lawsuits. In today’s litigious society, lawsuits are a major growing source of concern for employers. Like your credit report, it is now recommended by the insurance industry that you occasionally check your driving record for possible inaccuracies.

US States employ a points system, where traffic violations, accidents, DUIs, unpaid parking tickets, accumulate negative points on one’s driving record each under a specific point value. In most states, bad points are removed after 5 years with the exception of serious criminal offenses involving motor vehicles. An insurance company always has the right to check the driving record of somebody who’s applying for auto insurance from them.

Drunk Driving

In most states, a DUI conviction is a 1st Degree Misdemeanor, therefore the offender will end up with a criminal record. This can definitely be a problem regarding employment, even for jobs that have nothing to do with driving. Increasing numbers of employers consider driving records an important judge of character when considering somebody for hiring. One common misconception amongst many people is a DUI will only stay on a driving record for 5 years, like any other traffic violation I.e.: speeding, however unlike a typical traffic violation, a DUI is a criminal offense. A DUI therefore remains on a person’s driving record indefinitely. In most states it is permissible to have a DUI arrest or conviction record sealed or expunged. This normally requires the services of an attorney which is usually expensive. When a driving record of a DUI is sealed, it still exists on paper, but it is marked Off limits to everybody, except law enforcement. DUI can have serious long term ramifications for anybody convicted.

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