criminal background check on yourself

Run a personal background check on yourself?

You just might be surprised what you discover about yourself. The system isn’t foolproof and is only as good as the information received.

There are at least 2 good reasons. 1 To insure the information about you is correct and accurate. 2 To find out if somebody might have stolen your identity. When running a background check on yourself, aliases which are commonly used by criminals when very similar to your name can be a problem.

Some of the more common parties likely to want to run background checks on you.

Employers. Now-a-days, applying for just about any job, all except for the most menial minimum wage jobs, will result in some kind of background check on you. Not just for criminal histories, but to verify such things stated on your resume as education, degrees, licenses, previous employment. Where a security clearance is required, the spouse of the applicant may be checked too.

Lending Institutions. When applying for any kind of loan and most major credit cards, you can expect a credit check. Inaccurate information is a common problem.

Collection agencies. Background checks are a frequently used tool by creditors who are trying to track down a debtor who skipped town.

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