Tenant Screening

Today, storage rental businesses face many security challenges, and are seriously considering tenant screening to prevent criminals from causing dangerous or costly incidents at their facilities.

The centerpiece of tenant screening should be criminal backgrounds. A courthouse records search is an effective way to get detailed information, except the problem is it’s geographically limited to one jurisdiction. There’s no way of knowing what criminal records somebody might have in other counties or states.

Cost & turnaround time is an important consideration. The problem is since a search of courthouse records must be ordered & executed on a case basis, it tends to be more expensive then other types of background checks. It also usually ends up requiring many days to complete, which is not compatible with a need to rent units right away.

A criminal database search is much better because it comes from multiple sources, in addition to court records, it looks into Dept of Corrections (DOC) records, assuming the subject might have served time behind bars. Here there is the distinct advantage of a wider geographical scope at a reasonable price, and instant results.

Storage rental facilities are primarly concerned about criminal records related to violence, drugs and property theft. Nudist resorts are primarily concerned with sex offenders when screening new membership applicants. Sex offender data is compiled by the state under “Megan’s Law.” Ie: Florida – FDLE in Tallahassee. Rental facility customers and employees will always appreciate knowing management screens new tenant applicants to identify criminals, to keep people safe.

There is The Office of Foreign Asset Control which is a Federal database who identifies persons convicted of interstate crimes and federal crimes. This is useful for tracking drug related crimes and possible terrorist activity. Some additional federal sources include FBI’s Most Wanted list, the U.S. Marshals Service, ATF, Secret Service and the DEA.

To verify somebody’s identity, you’d run a fraud search. A social security number check can disclose fraudulant SSN numbers, that may belong to a deceased person. This is a common scam employed by criminals in an attempt to fool background checks.

Like many others who do background screening, credit checks are included. Screening applicants who have poor credit history is always of importance to anyone who collects monthly rent payments. In the storage rental business, this helps minimize the hassles of delinquency, lockouts, collections and evictions.

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