Criminal Records Background Checks

Although it’s far from perfect, there’s no doubt about the importance of background checks in today’s dangerous post 9-11 World.

The benefits of background checks are realized not just by businesses or employers but by you, the customer as well.

Everybody from human resources managers to homebodies are beginning to view the concept of background checks as an essential pro-active risk management strategy in life and quite frankly, an investment in the future. So many people may ask “Can I afford to run a background check?”

Rather, the BIG question on so many people’s minds is “How can I afford NOT to do a background check? Can I afford not to protect my firm, my employees, or even myself, or my family?”

Fact is in the information age, the associated costs of acquiring such information is becoming ever more affordable. Unlike back in the old days when gumshoe work had to be done the old-fashioned say, what used to cost $ hundreds, or perhaps $ thousands can today be painlessly obtained at a mere fraction of the cost.

Ideally, in a professionally conducted background check, there should be a SSN trace and a criminal records check.

Although there are many different types of criminal background checks, there are 2 main classifications.

A Database criminal records search

Onsite criminal records search.

The Onsite search is considered the most comprehensive and reliable. Database searches tend to be more fallible, but much more cost effective. In an Onsite search, the social security number is used for identification. Unfortunately, the criminal records system is not easily accessible as is background checks systems.

Credit cards, marketing researchers and telemarketing firms have certainly done a great job accessing such background information as home residence histories, credit histories, bankruptcies, and even aliases with great efficiency.

The criminal records system however is a different story. The way it is now, it is inefficient, inaccurate and for the most part, antiquated. The problem is criminal records reside in a multitude of different jurisdictions, in different states and counties, each of which operate under different rules and practices. There is no clearly defined national standard. This is why it is common for people with serious criminal records to go undetected in other states. This can prove dangerous to employees, children or members of the public.

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