Criminal Background Checks

Criminal records are normally always the most important part of any background check, especially when seeking a husband or wife, business partner or hiring an employee. Attempting to run your own criminal records check on your own can be a …

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Police Records

Lookup police records online. Our lookup system instantly scans the databases then provides you with a complete report on the person in question. Fill out our search form to begin your search now.

Lookup police records online. Our lookup system …

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Reverse Check Phone Numbers


Why People Use ReversePhoneCheck:

We provide information that free reverse look up sites don’t…it’s that simple! We have access to premium national public record databases. The countless free sites only provide you with a limited amount of information that can …

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Detective Software Reviews

We review some of the best online resources and tools for doing your own background investigations and research.

Court RecordsNationally recognized, trusted online records information provider. Search database contains over 250 million households in the U.S., which translates to 99% …

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Gun Buyers Background Checks Seriously Flawed

Instant background checks on retail gun buyers could infringe on your 2nd amendment rights, or fail to stop a criminal from buying a gun.

Mandatory background checks and waiting periods don’t stop crime and violence.

National criminal history records are …

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No background checks on Presidential candidates?

A criminal background check is mandatory for anyone who applies for truck driver, or even to work at Walmart, but oddly, there is no such requirement for candidates for President of The United States (who carries the Nuclear football). The …

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White Collar Crime Seems Easy, But It’s Not the Way to Go

When you’re involved in the business world, you may be presented with the opportunity to engage in some less-than-reputable dealings from time to time. Most of the time, you can line your pockets with some extra cash in one way …

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Airport Security Achilles heel

All the extreme and intrusive airport security is really nothing more than smoke & mirrors to give the flying public a false sense of security, when the one biggest security hole, baggage handlers is largely overlooked and ignored. TSA and …

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Private Detective License not easy as you would like to think

Thinking about getting your private investigator’s license? Be warned, It’s not as easy as many people claim. Be prepared to do a lot of hard work.

In one state in particular, Pennsylvania, getting one is not possible, unless you previously …

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Colleges & Universities Considering Background Checks

Following a 2004 murder of a University of NC student by a fellow student who had a criminal history of violence against women, colleges and universities are seriously looking into criminal background checks on future applicants. Can you blame them?…

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Crime pays for Chicago Politicians

Who says “crime doesn’t pay?” Well, it certainly does for the Chicago politicians. In the most corrupt city in America, it seems, becoming an ex-convict is a foot-in-the-door for a career in broadcasting or politics. This is a tradition in …

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Expunging Past Crimes a Growing Trend

Given today’s tough job market, it should come as no surprise that more & more job applicants want to have their criminal records sealed or expunged.

Finding work is already challenging enough for those with clean records as it is. …

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Web Investigator

When your child makes a new friend, it is very likely that your child will tell you all they know about their friend. This readiness of information, however, does not always include a large amount of information regarding the friend’s …

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Reverse Cell Phone Numbers

Is your partner’s cell phone ringing off the hook? If this is a sudden change, this new activity may be cause for alarm. This is especially true if the number that is calling your boyfriend or girlfriend’s cell phone is …

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